About Us

Dee and I met several years ago in St. Maarten, a small island in the Caribbean. We have been partners now for a couple of years and one of the many things we share together is a love of travel and adventure (Dee just didn’t know how adventures she was!). Almost a year ago, we decided to sell everything and purchase an RV. This would allow us to see our country, USA, but also allow us to store the RV and travel the world whenever we chose to. Since being together, we have taken several small trips, including trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain. While we enjoyed these trips, they did not really give us the opportunity to ‘settle in’ and really experience a new country and culture. So, after a lot of research and discussion, we decided to head to Thailand for several months.

This being our first blog, we are not exactly sure where we will go with it. We would like to use it to keep our family and friends up to date about our whereabouts and adventures as well as hopefully providing everyone that may want to follow in our footsteps some usual information about the places we visit.

As we hope to make this blog entertaining and informative, we welcome feedback and any questions you may have about the areas we visit.

Sooooo, let the adventures begin…..

Dee and Ron at Sunset Beach Bar in St. Maarten

Dee and Ron at Sunset Beach Bar in St. Maarten


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